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According to 75 percent of military families, owning a home is one of the most important things to service members upon returning from service. However, only one in four Veterans has a thorough knowledge of government programs that are available for those who have served or are serving.

The truth is, in fiscal year 2013, the median assets of Veterans were $8,670. Unfortunately, this is not enough for most down payments, and because of this, 84 percent of Veterans in FY2013 looking to buy a home could not use the conventional loan option.

While a full 11 percent of Veterans who purchased a home had no knowledge of the VA loan benefits, only half of real estate professionals discussed the VA home loan option with their military clients!

These are numbers that need to change. Stop to consider these numbers. Literally thousands upon thousands of military service members and their families went without buying homes in that one year alone – simply because they didn't know they had another option.

This is where I come in. Today's America is filled with Veterans and military members who are eligible to purchase homes, and this number continues to grow. While the Department of Veterans Affairs and the mandatory exit counseling for service members work diligently to inform Veterans about VA loans, I have a wealth of information to help you get approved and buy your dream home!

Because the Department of Veteran Affairs guarantees the VA loan, VA buyers can have 100 percent financing and avoid having to pay PMI or MIP (mortgage insurance premium, which applies to FHA loans). VA loans have no mortgage insurance

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